Lydia DeCarllo’s Burlesque Diary

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There is something indescribably special about being asked to headline a festival.

It’s like getting the biggest kiss on the lips from your glitter tribe! One big love festival is how I felt about my experience with the 1st annual Oregon Burlesque Festival. Love all around, from the festival organisers, the venues, the performers, and most of all the appreciative and supportive audiences. Portland gave me a heart-on.


The festival opened with the Thursday night showcase at Funhouse, a circus themed bar with a clown room that delighted me, but terrified most of the other attendees (see a video of it on my Instagram @lydiadecarllo). I love opening nights of festivals; it gives everyone a chance to get familiar and have a drink together. I love my community.

But, first things first: you must always take a photo with…click here for the full story

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